Maxine aka “Max”

Maui, Hawaii

Max is a five year old (young) fun loving pure bread German Shepherd.  She loves long walks with her biggest fans (Chelsea Heller and Chelsea Kohl), playing at the beach, running like the wind to fetch a fun toy, and simply cruising Maui Style.

Max loves Faux Paws Wholesome Pet Shop!  On Special Holidays, Nikki and Sue send Max boxes of scrumptious goodies and fun toys.  Max loves Bully Sticks, glow in the dark toys, fancy collars, and cake pops from Faux Paws!  She is one of Faux Paws Wholesome Pet Shop’s biggest Hawaii fan! ‘

Max is Faux Paws Pet Shop pet of the month for April

Max is the pet of the month with her toyclose up of maxmax cruising maui style